Cinny Matrix "Desktop"

A minimal Matrix client using WebKitGTK (WebKit2) - in well under a megabyte (131.5 KiB (134,680 bytes))* !
* minus depencies and as of Mon Feb 20 06:18:34 PM EET 2023

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meson setup build 
meson compile -C build

cd build/
meson install


TLDR; Because FUCK React/Node.

Too short want explanation:
Because I've gotten fed up with everything being bundled with Electron (Chrome As An "App") and
wanted to explore the possibility of doing a similiar thing with a more minimal aproach using
GTK and some less heavy depencies.

Why not just use a web browser?

Exactly. You could open up Cinny in your browser. As we speak.
This is one of those idiocies with the current "desktop app landscape".
Everything *needs to be an "native application"* even though in reality there's no such need.
The "app" works as an webpage.

Anyways there are actually native Matrix clients out there, go use those - or don't.
I'm not your father.



Other stuff

Q: What's that wallpaper?

A: God I wish I knew, I just had it saved - here's a link.

Q: Is there a Matrix room for the Matrix client?

A: Here, I guess.

Q: Where do I contribute & complain?

A: In SourceHut.

Q: I have a feature request?

A: For me or for the Cinny developers, figure that out first.

Q: I really have a feature request to you for *this* client

A: Shoot me a pull request (VIA E-MAIL / MATRIX) and I will see what I can do 🤝

Q: How can I help?

A: I consider the client feature complete, there really isn't much you can do just by displaying a webpage, can ya?
But if you want to help, sponsor the Cinny developers and help them make Cinny better.

Q: But how about you?

A: It's 300 ~ lines of c, using GTK - why?

Mon Feb 20 06:20:23 PM EET 2023
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