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title: About

Who are we?

Kernal is a small funny, friendly and talented community of "hackers" or other weirdos. And this is our official blog coming from our darkest and dankest headquarters...

Our primary goal is to meme, create and overall have quality time while keeping our user base small and friendly. We work to make each other stronger through sharing our progress, achievements and failures as well.

Join our family

If you are a technology-driven, chill person with a passion for FOSS, who is willing to actively participate in the things we do;

enter our dungeon, run the following command:

curl -s https://gitlab.com/stnby/itguy/raw/master/itguy.sh | sh

Join here and show us how it runs: #join:kernal.eu

Or... chat with us here: nc chat.kernal.eu 1337 or torsocks nc cumshitudpemjs4exlopowrjlxj4gw7z3tvelx3wxkbqyihxkulyvpid.onion 1337

Other contact information

Email us: tеаm@kеrnаł.еu, staff@kеrnаł.еu

Do not copy paste, they are obfuscated because we don't like the taste of spam

You can also find us on:

Support is welcome

Donate if you would like more of our random content. If you would like us to know who is donating or to leave us a message, visit donate.kernal.eu.

Currency Address
Monero (XMR) 46VGoe3bKWTNuJdwNjjr6oGHLVtV1c9QpXFP9M2P22bbZNU7aGmtuLe6PEDRAeoc3L7pSjfRHMmqpSF5M59eWemEQ2kwYuw
qrencode -tANSI '46VGoe3bKWTNuJdwNjjr6oGHLVtV1c9QpXFP9M2P22bbZNU7aGmtuLe6PEDRAeoc3L7pSjfRHMmqpSF5M59eWemEQ2kwYuw'

Or via the government green toilet paper: Liberapay, PayPal


title: Services

Shared shell hosting

Members can host their own services on our VPS. We offer a Rocky Linux 9 server with 8 GB RAM and 4 vCPU.\ We impose resource limits using systemd user slices, see our user management script here.

If you need to open a port or install a package, feel free to ask an admin.


Registration is not public, you will need to ask an admin to create you an account. Element web client is available.


kChat or Kernal Chat is a functional chat-room server that you can connect using netcat, telnet or any TCP client. We suggest installing rlwrap and connecting with it to prevent overlapping lines:

rlwrap -S "> " nc chat.kernal.eu 1337

IPv6, IPv4 and Tor are available.


We offer IMAP, POP3, SMTP, rspamd and CalDAV/CardDAV (Radicale). Ask an admin to get an account.